Diary of Spain day 8. Port Harcourt at last… The air tastes different

Departure day
Breakfast happened this morning as we were all so excited about going back home. 

The scheduling was near perfect and we knew we had three hours to spare before departing Jerez for the Sevilla train station. 

I'd planned to write some features on the trip so I decided to use the spare time on my hands to tidy some interviews. 

I had a session with Shehu Dikko in his room and then Danladi Isaac in his room too. 

Then Emeka Inyama decided to attend to me right in front of the hotel. 

I'd previously spoken with Moses Etu and the coach, Salisu Yusuf. Defenders Emmanuel Ariwa and Chima Akas had spoken too. 

Hero of the tour, Ikechukwu Ezenwa agreed to do his with me at the airport 

Leaving Jerez/ Cadiz

As usual we all got in the buses. Three were provided. One for the players/ coaches and the other two for the rest of us 

From my previous experience I knew that the AC in the black bus did not work so Niyi and I picked the white bus. 

When I tried to help Nduka IRABOR with his stuff I also suggested the white bus to him. 

The discussion on the bus from Jerez to Sevilla was a class act. 

It was no holds barred. From the Fifa World Cup fiasco in Brazil to the Federation elections in Warri that brought in Pinnick to the way the NFF is run. 

Everybody there spoke their mind and spoke the truth because it was like "Naked Convos". 

As soon as we landed at the Sevilla train station, Chris Green screamed out my name as though I had committed a felony. 

When I turned to face him as I grabbed my bags he said, pointing at me, "ee don happen o!"

At this point everybody around turned to look at him to know what had happened and he went, "Mata don score o. We dey lead 1-0 for Bournemouth". 

Then he started this loud argument on how Jose Mourinho is the best thing since sliced bread. 

Every now and then I'd turn to him and ask, "Bournmouth don equalize?" 

The train trip to Madrid from Sevilla would be for 2 hours. I was going to enjoy every bit of it. 

First I used it as an opportunity to type day 7 of my diary and then play football manager. 

Then I put down features ideas for the Laliga tour which I hoped to finalize write ups by Tuesday. 

But most of the Nigerians on the train just crashed off, not long after it took off. I guess they were all exhausted. 

By the time we got to the  Madrid train station, Chris Green announced to us that Manchester United won the game 3-1 and another round of banter which he led started as he wanted to prove to us all that United would win the league. 

Na week one we just play o. 

On the bus to the Madrid Airport, it was all Chris Green telling all that cared that Man United were back. 

Shehu Dikko turned and asked him to discuss Rivers United and he accused Dikko of also being a Manchester United fan.

Dikko defended himself by saying, not anymore since he was only now interested in the Nigerian league. 

Madrid to Casablanca 

While checking in and boarding the plane from Madrid to Casablanca we (some of us) discussed the almost five hour wait at the airport in Morocco 

What do we do with our time? 

Imama Amapakabor was convinced that as far as there was that free wifi he won't be bothered. 

AYO, Niyi and I talked about the jollof rice at the airport. 

Apparently some of the guys ate it on our way in and told the rest of us about it. 

Searching for rice in Casablanca

It wasn't easy but we did our best. The place Niyi recommended had no rice so he suggested some other place. 

We got there (AYO and I) still no rice. 

We now saw Imama pacing up and down the aisle searching for a place to charge his phone. 

We (with Imama in tow) located another joint and no rice so I suggested we do chicken and chips and the search continued. 

Imama told us that if he had been counting he believed he had paced the airport aisle fifty times already. 

I told him mine had to be eighty times. It was all about getting something to eat.

We saw a joint that had chips but no chicken.

Then we saw another joint that had chicken but no chips. Chai! 

Ayo suggested we buy chicken from one joint and take it to the other and buy their chips.

Good idea, but by the time we got back to the chicken place, they told us it was buffet they were serving.

We continued to search. 

Noticed how they covered up the Beer?
Then Imama stopped us in our tracks and said, "instead of all this search for nonexistent food, why not just buy a beer, drink and be happy?"

I looked at him in dismay and said, "Do you want to drink beer in lieu of food?

"Don't worry, we'll find our food. We'll buy you a beer"

After our, maybe, 200th time down that aisle I then suggested we go for a burger and the guys agreed. 

At this time Nobert Okolie had joined us. 

And we got to a burger joint and ordered 2. Imama only wanted a beer. Nobert, a zero coke like me 

I didn't see beer on display in their fridge so I immediately felt sorry for AYO and Imama 

When the burger was ready, I asked for two cans of Zero coke, then just to fulfil all righteousness, I asked if the man had a beer, knowing I saw none in the fridge and he said they did have beer.

Lol, I forgot I was in morocco.

The man brought the two cokes, and the two beers all covered in serviette so no one but us know it is beer. Funny chaps.

As we sat to eat our burgers and take our drinks, Imama Amapakabo and I shared more Port Harcourt stories as Norbert Okolie and Ayo Ibidapo listened.

It was time to board the plane and head for Lagos. Good bye Morocco.
Maybe I should have eaten this

As I arrived in Lagos my first option was to go and eat something i will enjoy.

I succeeded on that and of course, it was Port Harcourt for me after spending some time in Dudu Orumen's Sports Shaq


Now if you have followed this diary of Spain since it began a week ago, please drop your comment on what it was like for you reading it. We appreciate all that feedback.

Until the next diary, goodbye.


Departing from Lagos. The view from Dudu Orumen's Sports Shaq

How we roll at the Port Harcourt airport. You off load your baggage yourself

Just before departing the NH Avenida Jerez (Whatever that means)

I eventually found Amala in Lagos. But the place was too neat

Chatting up Emeka Inyama

Chatting up Mutui Adepoju

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  1. I didn't go a single day without reading your diary. Despite being hilarious, it was educative and explicit. I actually thought I was in Spain with u. Welcome back tho. I'm looking forward to your next trip, and next diary so I can add where ever it will be to the list of places I've been to...

  2. Hehe, as usual with the Nigerian Amebo... Always wanting to hear stories

  3. I read Day 1-7 at once. Just caught up with Day 8's diary. Interesting read all around. Was enlightening as per what the tour meant for the NPFL than only the playing side.